Monday, May 3, 2010

Mitarashi Dango

Mitarashi Dango

I am sure what is this?? would be the first thought in the mind of most people. This is called Mitarashi Dango and it's a classic Japanese sweets. Dango is somewhat similar to mochi in texture but not as "chewy" or "stringy as in fresh warm mozzarella". It is made from rehydrated mochiko or sweet rice flour. I use one by Koda Farm. It's a popular brand when it comes to sweet rice flour. My grandma even uses this brand. Anyway, mitarashi dango almost always comes on skewer and grilled on Japanese grill and dipped into sweet soy sauce for several times until it takes on the flavor of sauce. It's really popular street food as well whenever there is a festival or some sort of event, you will most likely to find this.

This time I tried on a deconstruction or modernization of this Japanese classic sweets. Dango was prepared in a traditional method. The sauce, I made it very simple but instead liquid form I used some hydrocolloids to make it into a thin sheet and I draped over dango. At the end, I added some smoke foam onto the side to add extra smoky aroma which it will get if it had been grilled over charcoals.

I don't think I have done too much of Japanese food but this was pretty fun. This dish brought back so much of my childhood memory. I definitely need to do this more often.

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