Friday, June 11, 2010


Nowadays, slow food, buying local, organic produce have grown much more than it has ever been in minds of consumers here in the United States as well. I like seeing these things and supporting local farmers who work so hard to produce all these wonderful vegetables and fruits. No pesticides, No miracle grow, No big machinery. It takes extra care, time, and attention because of it. Therefore, I have always had a huge amount of appreciation for these hard working farmers so that we can use these wonderful produce in our restaurants, hotels, and etc.

Fresh seasonal produce which grown are just simply delicious and full of flavors. Also, very strong aromas which I can smell from blocks away. Where I live now, everybody's harvesting fresh produce now and market is filled up with vibrant colors and wonderful aromas. Not to forget the nutritional value as well. These are REAL vegetables, REAL fruits, unlike those others which are full of pesticides, chemical to prolong the shelf life, wax to make it shine, and etc.

Today, I went to Central Market to look for a raw milk because I wanted to make mozzarella from scratch but the stand didn't carry them today but they assisted me to go to this another store outside of market. I was like hmm I have never heard of this place but I walked to the direction which I was told and ended up with this little shop few blocks away from the market. Espressly Local... Sounds promising and there are signs for local produce, dairy and such. There were sages growing and thyme was flowering. I walked into the store and I was surprised by how much varieties of items they carried. I picked up raw milk and other produces there. At the register, I started to talk to this nice lady who seems to manage the shop. I told her that I am a chef and about what I do and my culinary philosophy and such. She was so excited and started to tell me about all the produce in the store like " we just picked these this morning"," my mother just hulled these peas", "I grow these, I grow those", " Look at these kohlrabis". She knew exactly where everything came from, how they were grown from produce, dairy, chickens. It was very interesting to listen to her tell me all the things about her vegetables and fruits which she produces proudly.

As a chef, I definitely need to be rethink about these vegetables and fruits which are grown by hard working farmers with their love and care. Center of the place doesn't necessarily have to be meat, fish, foie gras. Let these flavorful ingredients shine.

To everyone at Expressly Local, Central Market, I am very thankful and truly appreciate for your support and letting me use all these flavorful and beautiful fruits and vegetables.

Thank you so much.

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