Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's Tuesday which is one of the days of week farmer's market in downtown opens. Especially since weather has gotten so much warmer in this area and plenty of rain, all the produce are looking fantastic. I was walking into the building and I can already smell the strawberries. So fresh. So sweet. As a chef, there was no way of no getting this. As I stand in the corner of the farmer's market, I started brainstorm a dish with this wonderfully aromatic and delicious produce. Rhubarb, balsamic vinegar, mint........ lavender, fruity e.v. olive oil.... I'll go from here. I bought a single stalk of rhubarb and lady over the counter was looking at me weird..... but I just don't need a whole bunch. I just wanted to get one and use it up for this dish and eat it within 1 hour after purchase. I am fast walking home and thinking I can't wait to work with these fresh produce.

I used strawberry and made a smooth sheet. Strawberries were so sweet that I didn't almost need any additional sugar. I only added very minimum. Rhubarb, fresh cut strawberries, lavender flowers, pulverized e.v. olive oil, balsamic fluid gel, spearmint, honeysuckle flowers, and vermouth foam. Most of these are from the market except for only few things. Few days ago, my wife and I went to state park and found those honeysuckles. It smells so sweet. We could smell them in the woods from so far away.

I tasted the whole dish together. It was great. All the wonderful local produce are just at their peak. Sweetness of strawberries and sourness of balsamic vinegar. Different textures. Aroma is so floral, fruity, minty.

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  1. Lovely Blog and stunning photos, very inspiring even if I am not so much into the jellies and powders.