Thursday, June 10, 2010


I think skate is one of the underrated fish. This fish was a challenge for me since I am a huge fan of organized, geometric shapes but you know how skate wings are shaped? they are flat, thick on the one end and thin on the other end. Hmm.... What I did this time to create an uniform shape was to roll it from the one end to the other after applying transglutaminase on the inner surface of the fish. Afterward, I put it in a sous vide bag and seal it and let it rest and let TG to do its job.
I cooked it sous vide and sliced against the grain of the fish. Take a look at the surface. ( See the image above) I was pretty happy with the end result both doneness and appearance. Maybe next time I will try to make them little bit smaller in diameter and even throughout starting from first slice until the last slice.
I served it with more traditional and spring flavors: fennel, artichoke, dill, radish, lemon, parsley, pearl onion and etc.

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